The Original Farmers’ Market is set to launch its 24th annual season and will continue to bring together Indiana farmers, producers, and artisans who are providing the critical food access to the Indianapolis Community beginning on Wednesday, May 6th.

The Original Farmers’ Market will open on Wednesday, May 6th with new rules and safety precautions to allow guests to social distance and shop efficiently and carefully.

The City Market will take the following precautions as advised by the Marion County Health Department:

  • Prepared food will not be allowed.
  • No home-based vendors.
  • All food on-site will be pre-packaged in a licensed facility and labeled according to federal guidelines.
  • Pet food and personal hygiene products will be allowed.
  • No food is to be consumed on-site.
  • Live entertainment will be temporarily suspended from the market.

We ask guests to adhere to the following precautions:

  • Please respect social distancing guidelines while shopping at the Original Farmers’ Market. There will be marked distance guidelines in front of vendors.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own masks, gloves, and utilize the handwashing stations that can be found throughout the market.
  • Service animals will be the only pets allowed at the market.
  • Please try to pre-pay and pre-order with individual vendors as much as possible. Visit the Original Farmers’ Market Contact List that provides the contacts for the vendors who will be in attendance for the upcoming Wednesday market. This list is continuously edited and an overall list can also be found HERE
  • In accordance with Marion County Health Department Guidelines, please refrain from consuming any food or beverage on-site.
  • Families are encouraged to send one family representative to the market if possible to avoid accumulating larger groups of people while visiting the Original Farmers’ Market.
Dollar for Dollar Matching: Fresh Bucks & SNAP

Individuals utilizing SNAP benefits will be able to once again double-spending up to $20 through the Fresh Bucks programs. SNAP users can utilize this program through the Fresh Bucks program. SNAP users can utilize this program to buy fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs and spices, syrup, and seedlings for edible plants.

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