As businesses reopen, the Indianapolis City Market, in accordance with the State of Indiana’s Executive Order, has created a reopening plan that outlines all the precautions that City Market has taken previously and are currently enacting. Guests can access the full document below. Listed below are the following initiatives the City Market has implemented:

Washing Hands
  • New public handwashing station added in City Market’s demo kitchen located by the South Entrance.
  • New hand sanitizer dispensers added to all four ingresses/egress points, serviced by Cintas.
  • Individual hand sanitizers and a limited number of additional PPE secured from Indiana Marketplace.
Screening Protocols

All ICM staff and merchant’s temperature will be taken and asked the following screening questions. Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Muscle Pain
  • Are you ill or caring for someone who is ill?

Employees who are well but who have sick family members at home with COVID19 should notify their supervisor.

  • In two weeks before you felt sick, did you have contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or live in/visit a place where COVID-19 is spreading.
  • If an individual answer “NO” to all questions; they’ve passed and can work.
  • If an individual answer “YES” or refuses to answer; they’ve failed and must be immediately sent home.
  • Procured a limited number of surgical masks for merchants, OFM vendors, and ICM staff.
  • ICM merchants and their employees have been directed to wear masks/face coverings over the nose and mouth and gloves.
  • All ICM staff members are required to wear face coverings when at the City Market and the OFM.
  • Gloves provided to ICM staff – required for all employees.
Physical Distancing & Limiting Exposure
  • Sanitizing rotation heavily staffed to ensure that common surfaces wiped down and sanitized constantly.
  • When the public restrooms open, they will be monitored throughout the day to ensure soap and disposable hand towels are stocked.
  • Closed public seating sections of the mezzanine level to discourage people from congregating and eating on-site.
  • City Market merchants moved to carryout and curbside delivery.
Dining Areas
  • We will limit the number of customers in the restaurant to 50% capacity, adjusting with each phase of the reopening plan.
  • Tables spaced at least (6) feet apart.
  • Removed extra tables to allow people more room to walk around and safely social distance from others.
  • Outdoor seating placed to accommodate the same distancing.
  • Tables will accommodate no more than six (6) guests per table.
  • Self-service stations (salad bars, beverage stations, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Condiments limited to a single service or pre-portioned.
  • For smaller menus, you may consider disposable paper menus. Reusable paper menus should be laminated or inserted in a menu holder to all sanitizing of the surface.
  • Sanitize dining tables, chairs, and booths at the opening, between seatings or after an incident with disinfectants registered with the EPA.

Please click here for the full version of the Indianapolis City Market’s Reopening Plan.

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