Did you know you can use your SNAP benefits (formally known as food stamps) at the Original Farmers’ Markets? Similar to a grocery store, those who utilize SNAP benefits can spend those allowed funds on items that are locally sourced and produced. Please refer below to frequently asked questions regarding our SNAP program and our matching program, Fresh Bucks. Please note that the Original Farmers’ Market can only serve those who already receive EBT benefits and do not have the capabilities to sign an individual up for SNAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I redeem my SNAP?

A patron can visit the City Market’s information booth located on the North Side of Monument Circle adjacent to East Market Street. At the information booth, City Market staff will be able to assist you and complete your transaction. Please come to the booth with your SNAP card readily available and knowledge of the pin number.

Is there a limit of how much SNAP I can take out?

No, a patron can redeem any amount of SNAP that is allowed by their current balance. However, a patron can only receive up to $20 in matching funds with Fresh Bucks.

What are Fresh Bucks and what can I spend them on?

Fresh Bucks is the Original Farmers’ Market matching program that will match the amount of SNAP a patron takes out up to $20. A patron can only receive a maximum of $20 Fresh Bucks once every Wednesday. Fresh Bucks can be spent on any produce i.e. fruits and vegetables.

What is the difference between SNAP and Fresh Bucks?

SNAP is the amount you receive from your EBT benefits and can be spent on fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs and spices, bread, meats, cheeses, maple syrup, and seedlings. After the transaction, we provide SNAP tokens that come in increments of $1 and can only be spent at the Original Farmers’ Market. Fresh Bucks is the Original Farmers’ Market matching program that can be redeemed up to $20 and can only be spent on produce i.e. fruits and vegetables. Fresh Bucks can be spent at any participating farmers’ market.

Do I have to spend all my SNAP and Fresh Bucks the same day that I redeem them?

No! SNAP and Fresh Bucks can be redeemed all season long. The Original Farmers’ Market runs every Wednesday, May to October from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

How do I know if vendors take my SNAP Tokens or Fresh Bucks?

Every individual vendor who can receive SNAP or Fresh Bucks will have signs indicating their participation in their booth. When in doubt, just ask! Our vendors are eager to answer any questions you have regarding what product is available for purchase! If you have any further questions, patrons are encouraged to get their answers using three of the below options.

  • Visit our information booth at Original Farmers’ Market located on the North West Quadrant of the Monument Circle adjacent to E. Market Street
  • Use the contact submission form on our website.
  • Direct messaging on social media pages (@indycm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
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