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Cupid’s BBQ – February BikeParty

Join us for this month’s ride.
We will be ending at Half-Liter (5301 Winthrop), right off the Monon!
On the Second Friday of every month, free social bike ride just for fun! Party attitude required, lights, bells, and costumes encouraged.
BikeParty Indianapolis is a mobile party for anybody who loves being on a bike. All ages, types of riders, and experience levels are welcome!
BikeParty Indianapolis promotes an atmosphere that is fun, friendly, welcoming, and safe. The mission is to build community through bicycling and encourage a safe and cooperative roadway environment for all users. It is important we ride with the intention to improve relations. The rides are around 7-11 miles, are a slower pace, and include several stops called “Regroups” along the route to party, dance, and mingle. Each route will be different, and will be posted ahead of time along with the stop locations. There may or may not be an after-party venue.
As the ride begins to grow, we hope to use our numbers to work with local charities and collect goods for locals in need.


-Follow the ride leader (with BP flag) or ride volunteers, they will be spread throughout the group to help direct when the group is split up.
-Stop at all red lights and stop signs (and dance!)
-Volunteers will not hold or stop traffic.
-Stay behind cars at redlights and yield to pedestrians.
-Avoid yelling things like “clear” at intersections, it’s critical everyone is responsible for their own safety.
-Ride straight until the ride volunteers tell you to turn.
-Stick to the right lane(unless turning left)
-Roll past conflict, do not engage.
-Do not be a danger to yourself or others.
-Be kind and leave no trash behind.


Feb 11 2022


7:00 pm
Visit us

222 East Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204