Be a Market Merchant

As Indy’s historic public market, the Indianapolis City Market offers small businesses and entrepreneurs an opportunity to set down roots and build a following in one of the most vibrant and dynamic areas in Indianapolis.

In operation since 1886, the Indianapolis City Market is uniquely positioned near both downtown businesses and nearby neighborhoods. It is one of the city’s leading promoters of fresh foods, locally made products and agricultural items. Even more, Indianapolis City Market is a long-time staple and gathering place for local residents, downtown workers and visitors to central Indiana.

Become a Merchant

Reasons to Become an ICM Merchant


One of the most affordable food halls in the region

Trial Run

Short-term options to “test out” market before making longer-term arrangement

Partnership Attitude

Friendly administration interested in helping you find the right fit

Proven Track Record

Long history of helping businesses get their start


Four different ways to lease:

  • Merchant stall (longer lease/larger financial commitment
  • Merchant cart (shorter lease/small financial commitment)
  • Pop-up shops
  • Farmers market

Current Areas of Interest

  • Barbecue
  • Ethnic cuisine
  • Tapas and Charcuterie
  • Deli
  • Pre-packaged meals
  • Produce
  • Personal services (eyebrow threading, nails, etc.)
  • Something unique to the market

The Application Process

Please follow these steps if you’re interested in becoming a merchant at the Indianapolis City Market:

Do your research

Review our interest areas and visit the market/website to confirm your business idea isn’t duplicative of a current merchant offering.

Add yourself to our potential merchant waitlist.

Click the link to be taken to our waitlist form.

Schedule visit to evaluate space options

If it was determined during the initial meeting that your business is ideal for the market, we will schedule an in-person meeting to visit the spaces available for leasing.

Preview the application

Take a look at the application and note what will need to be included with it: consent form and financial statement form.

Pay processing fee and submit application

Once given the green light to submit application, you will receive an invoice to pay the administrative processing fee. No applications will be accepted until this fee is paid.