Q&A with Crystal Rogers of 3 Days in Paris

|| July 27, 2018

Whether they're sweet or savory, 3 Days in Paris has been serving up delicious Parisian style crepes for years! For the last two years they've been served up with a smile and cheery attitude by Crystal Rogers!


 We talked with 3 Days in Paris' Crystal Rogers, the lady behind the incredible crepes, about her story with the merchant as well as about the crepes themselves!

-How did 3 Days In Paris get started here in City Market?

3 Days in Paris got started by a wonderful woman named Colleen who actually went to Paris for 3 days started farmers markets and lead to the market from my knowledge

 **Colleen Dobbs founded 3 Days in Paris at the Indianapolis City Market in 2011 after being a farmers market vendor around Indianapolis, including the Original Farmers’ Market. She fell in love with crepes after a three-day trip to Paris, and decided to replicate the artful food back in Indy.**

-How did you get involved with 3 Days In Paris; how long have you been there?

I became involved with 3 Days in Paris in March 2016 just to work part time after cancer surgery. I was trying to get back out into the world, and the manager at the time left. They suggested to the new owner, Ian, that I take over the position and now you have me six days a week and at every event I can make in order to help the Market. 3 Days in Paris has become my purpose; it keeps me around a friendly, family-like atmosphere, and giving back to God for each day.

-Describe crepes to someone who has never had one before.

A crepe is batter spun super thin with the ingredients layered on top, with it all folded into a triangle shape and eat by hand or with a knife and fork.

-When and how did you learn to make crepes?

I learned the very day I started; it’s a lot easier than it looks, and can now prepare three crepes at a time!


-What's special about how you make crepes? Is there anything you think you do differently than others that keeps people coming back for more?

I do nothing actually that special other than be myself; I am a people person, and I like to talk to each person ordering as if I have known them for a lifetime. I let them make changes based on what will help with the taste, but first and foremost, I thank them and ask how their day is going

-What is your best recommendation from the menu?

I always recommend the Hot Date crepe which includes bacon, Havarti cheese, dates, onion, walnuts and goat cheese - you can't beat it!

-If someone has dietary restrictions like gluten or lactose intolerance, what options on your menu do they have?

As far as dietary restrictions we offer two batters: buckwheat and rice based gluten free; the customer is always able to change their crepe to their taste.

 -You have pour-over coffee?

We do provide pour-over coffee by Bee Coffee Roasters at 3 Days in Paris. They’re all local and have a great selection of beans; each cup is made with love by me! 

 -Is there anything about you and 3 Days In Paris you want people to know?

I just would like everyone in the Market to know how very dearly I hold them in my heart. Each one special in their own way to me, at 3 Days in Paris we will go above and beyond to help those who need it.


You can get a tasty crepe from Crystal, or one of her coworkers, Mondays through Saturdays 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. right in the center of the Historic City Market! 

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