MRKT BALL Poster Contest

|| September 20, 2016


Indianapolis City Market is seeking poster submissions from Hoosier-living and/or Hoosier-born artists for the 2016 MRKT BALL! Read more about the inspiration behind the contest and how you submit your own design now! 


 This fall, the Indianapolis City Market (ICM) will be celebrating the 130th Birthday of the Main Market House as it currently stands. Opening its doors on Nov. 4, 1886, the Main Market House will celebrate this momentous feat on two occasions; first at a casual, community event for the entire family on November 4th and again on December 10th with the resurrection of the MRKT BALL. Both events will be held at the Indianapolis City Market.

Historically, the MRKT BALL has been referred to as the “To Market, To Market Ball,” and the ICM will be maintaining much of the event’s tradition with a Poster Design Contest. In an effort to bring attention to one our city’s oldest landmarks (and only public market houses!), ICM is seeking submissions from area artists that encompass the rich history and promising future of the beautifully historic building.

Concept Note & Key Message
The theme of the MRKT BALL: 130th Birthday Celebration can be described as indicative of the original construction period: late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Consider the Market’s original intentions: to serve as a public marketplace for vendors of all kinds: farmers and gardeners, food artisans and performers, family-run businesses and first-time entrepreneurs. To this day, Indianapolis City Market is one of only a handful of public market houses throughout the country that operates as originally intended and is experiencing a renaissance to its original glory due in-part to our loyal customers and incredible merchants – both of which add to the ever-rotating cast of characters that make the Indianapolis City Market a wondrous destination.

The key message behind this theme is to remind people of the grand history and purpose of the Indianapolis City Market. The theme should evoke a sense of pride in Indianapolis and not only pay homage to the Market’s rich history but also to its promising future.

Contest Begins: September 21st, 2016
Contest Ends: November 21st, 2016

Entries from Hoosier-living and/or Hoosier-born artists, 16 years of age and older will be considered.

 For more information regarding the 130th Birthday Celebration Poster Contest including submission details, view the online submission form here.

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