Kombucha Comes to City Market

|| December 13, 2017

Kombucha, the highly popular fermented tea drink, has made its way onto the menu of three Indianapolis City Market merchants: Duos, Fermenti Artisan, and Mile Square Coffee.

[EDIT - Kombucha is now also available with City Market merchants Three Carrots and Poke Guru.]

The drink made by fermenting green or black tea with a symbiotic "colony" of bacteria and yeast (called SCOBY), and has many supposed health benefits and is full of pro-biotics. It should be noted that kombucha does have a very, very small alcohol content that comes with fermentation, but retail kombucha's ABV (alcohol by volume) is typically less than 1%.


Primal Delights Kombucha.png

Duos carries bottles of the kombucha brand Primal Delights, a local Indiana brand with a variety of flavors. They currently have Blueberry Sage, Cherry Bomb, and Pineapple Ka-Pow (pictured above).

Fermenti Artisan:


Fermented food and drinks are kind of Fermenti Artisan's forte, so it should be no surprise that they have a wide variety of kombuchas both in bottles and on tap. They currently carry local brand SonShine Kombucha on tap and bottle, as well as the local Circle City Kombucha, Wisconsin based NessAlla Kombucha and Tapuat Kombucha, and Southern California based Health-Ade Kombucha and GT's Kombucha - all on bottle.

GT's, one of the nations larger brands of kombucha, also offers chia seed kombucha flavors that add the health benefits of chia seeds. Chia seeds are known to have heavy concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. Fermenti Artisan carries several flavors of GT's chia seed kombucha.

They also carry two flavors of GT's sparkling probiotic cider in bottles; these drinks get their probiotics from apple cider vinegar and their sweetness from maple syrup.

Mile Square Coffee:

Presto Kombucha Cran Ras.png

Located on the east side of our upper mezzanine, Mile Square Coffee carries two flavors of kombucha on tap: Circle City Kombucha's ginger lemon, and the Carmel, IN, based Presto Kombucha's cranberry-raspberry.

 Be sure to check these merchants for new flavors and rotating taps!

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