Established in 1821  


Indianapolis City Market

About the Indianapolis City Market

In a world of look-alike food options, the historic Indianapolis City Market is experiencing a renaissance—one that will take you back to a time of greater community, natural food choices and preparation, and carefully crafted products that are both unique and useful.

The Indianapolis City Market's history is as rich as the promise of its future. When opened in 1886, the market ushered in a new tradition: an open space for the sale of meats and produce. It wasn’t long before the Indianapolis City Market began to flourish as a community gathering place and one-stop shop for fresh produce, meat, fish, poultry, dairy and baked goods.

Indianapolis City Market is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a vibrant downtown event destination. Chosen as a prime location for many special events, such as a selected site for the 2012 Super Bowl, the market serves as a cornerstone for downtown Indianapolis and the Near Eastside. With a wide variety of eateries, wine and cheese shoppes, and retailers, the Indianapolis City Market offers patrons an experience that combines the best of both yesterday and today.